Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions you can totally skip


When it comes to weddings there will be more number or ceremonies and traditions. Some might be more specific and some can be altered to the location and situation the marriage is happening. Here we are going to discuss the wedding traditions you can totally skip.

Traditional ceremonies can’t be personalized

You can have some unique and personalized things at your weddings and necessarily it’s not like that you have something on your person. You can have a candle light, a letter of love etc.

The ceremony program has to be formal

It is not necessary that all the tradition and the whole wedding have to be done in a more formal way. You can have a party setup theme at your wedding or you can go with a very simple theme to embarrass your wedding with a few candles. Anything you can personalize according to your wish. So being formal is one of the outdated wedding traditions you can skip.

You can’t see each other before the ceremony

This is really a whole lot of lies that you can’t see each other before the wedding. And these old traditions are changing nowadays; both the married couples organize their parties. So according to the changing circumstances everything is changing now.

ceremony program

Exit with a shower of rice

Another thing is the guest showering with the rice, ribbons on your as a sign of blessing. Decide if you can skip wedding traditions you can go with. If you feel clumsier on these things you can choose some pleasant alternatives.

Wedding bands have to match.

It is necessary to get a wedding ring that matches your partner. There is no such thing as you can choose your favorite ring and exchange it at your wedding. Mostly some people love to have a couple rings and some love to have their favorite ring from top brands.

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